Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Goodbye Dubai;)

Danny; Abu Dhabi, UAE

What an evening we had tonight! We played for the anniversary of 40 years of relations between the US and The UAE. There were dignitaries and ambassadors from countries all over the Middle East. We played in the grand ballroom of the Hotel and it was something I'll never forget. The music was so much fun and the audience was wonderful. They were clapping, singing along and Johnny even got a dignitary on stage to conduct the band. Even more fun than the show, was meeting the ambassadors from all the different countries and the Americans living here in the UAE.

Johnny with the US Ambassador to the UAE

This country is so wonderful and everyone who comes here to live and work is better off than where they had previously lived. Natural citizens all go to college for free, there is free health care for everyone and the technology here is remarkable. Everyone is so nice to us and we feel do welcome. I just met an Emerate in the elevator who asked me if I was American & he said he went to grad school in Oregon and he loved it there because it was so beautiful and different from the landscape here in the UAE. He was so cool and we spoke about the beauty of both countries and how I thought the desert was amazing. Everyone I've met on this journey has enriched my life in some way, sometimes just with a smile or a short conversation. I am so thankfull for all the friends I am meeting and will stay in touch with on Facebook.

Remember earlier I spoke about the Falcons and how prevalent they were in this society?

Friendship us the right word for what I've experienced here and will treasure for many years. Art and culture bring us all together and remind us what we have in common. We all create, sing, dance and celebrate life. Isn't that what life is all about?;)

Abu Dhabi

Danny; Abu Dhabi, UAE

We just drove from Fujairah to Dubai and then on to Abu Dhabi. Our hotel is in the center of the city, overlooking the Gulf. It is said that there is so much new construction in the UAE, that the national bird is the crane;) Actually, I think that the Falcon plays an important role in this culture and often on flights, you will see someone with one on their shoulder. For this reason, you can't bring a cat or dog on board, because as you might imagine, it could cause quite a distraction to the hawk;)
We have an hour of downtime before we have to set up in the ballroom, sound check and play a special concert for the Ambassador and his guests. This capital city and hotel are spectacular and again we are being spoiled by this countries hospitality.

On the drive to Abu Dhabi, we saw beautiful desert landscapes dotted with palm trees, camels, bazars mosques and interesting rock mountains.

This Gulf ball is all tee'd up;)

Sheikh Zayed Mosque