Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Peaks & Valleys"

Brian; United Arab Emirates

Architecture in the UAE;

The tallest building in the world; The Burj Khalifah

Housing in Fujairah

A highway bridge in Dubai

On campus at The American University of Sharjah

Inside the dome of the main building at AUS

Campus minorette, AUS

Part of Dubai's amazing skyline


Newly constructed in Abu Dhabi


 A mosque in Fujairah

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi

A fruit stand in Fujairah

An unexpected temple to the art of Belgian brewing in Abu Dhabi

My favorite type of towers

Jordan on my Mind

Danny; Aaman Jordan
This morning we drove from Abu Dhabi to the Dubai International airport. The UAE is really an amazing place full of old world customs and a modern infrastructure. Amazing buildings, international brands and a 4G network.

We were met by our favorite Dubai airport handlers/facilitators whose job it is to wisk us through the airports different challenges. After a well deserved Starbucks stop, we boarded the plane to Jordan. We are going back there for five days and have some great events planned including a trip to Petra tomorrow. After we landed we got our sim cards all set up and did a happy dance before we left for our hotel. It's great to be in the same hotel for five days and we went to our favorite local resturaunt for a quick bite. The weather is beautiful and cool. We feel like we've returned to our home base in the Middle East.

It's a three hr drive to Petra and we have to get up early. I can't wait to share stories about pics of our adventure tomorrow.