Monday, July 1, 2013

The Love Boat

Danny: Yaraslovl, 6/28/13

Last night after a 4 hr train ride to Yaraslavl, we arrived at the Jazz cruise sponsored by the towns Jazz center. As we walked to the boat we could hear the strains of Dixieland music in the air.

When we got on the boat, we were surprised how many people sign up for these Jazz cruises that happen once a month.

There were two levels on the boat, the bottom level was filled with tables full of people and their smorgasbords.
The top level was where we were playing our set and then had a Jam session with some fantastic players and singers from the Jazz Center.

We stopped along the Volga river to have a picnic barbecue and were serenaded by the Dixie band. I was able to sit in on a number and they called All of Me. I had so much fun playing with them and watching the people dance along the river bank.

We got to hangout and enjoy the evening with all the musicians and other wonderful music fans. Music, dancing, food and new friends. There are no boundaries or borders, just a sharing of life and it's bounty.

While the guys were resting before the Jazz Cruise (we had only had a few hrs rest before our 5 am departure), I went out to see the town and go to the local art museum. I saw so many weddings, it is a very popular spot on a weekend in June.
Here are some of the things I saw that day.