Friday, June 15, 2012

Fire and Rain

This morning we woke up around 7 to get ready to play at the Chinese Secondary school in KK. After some coffee and dim sum, we packed up the van and headed to the school. On the way, we saw in the morning paper that there had been a fire last night in the auditorium where we were to perform. We called ahead and found out that everyone was ok and that they moved all the instruments to another building.

When we arrived at the school and walked up the stairs, I felt right at home, because it's traditional to take off your shoes before entering the room. Johnny joked with everyone and told them that I always play with my bare feet anyway, so I finally had found a home;) Yesterday when some students had asked me why I play the bass drum and hi hat pedals with bare feet, I told them I don't wear gloves on my hands, so why cover my toes;)

The students at this Chinese school in Malaysia were so wonderful, smart and talented. It was one of our favorite school audiences yet.

Johnny always gets someone up to conduct the band and this usually breaks the ice for audience participation. We had lots of student instrumentalists and singers join us on some tunes and we all had such a great time. We broke up into smaller groups and we got to talk with the students about our instruments. The president of the School presented us and the US Embassy with some banners for appreciation of our visit. We had so much fun taking pictures with everyone.

Can you find me in the next photo?;)

Tonight we are playing at the Jazz Festival and have a little time to rest. It might rain tonight, but the show will go on, either way we are looking forward to playing, having fun with the crowd and some surprise guests. Can't wait to share the evenings pictures and stories with you later:)

Sittin by the Dock of the Bay

My eyes popped open at 5 this morning and after a night full of Malerone dreams (malaria prevention pills, they cause crazy vivid dreams) I welcomed the coming dawn and took this opportunity to take a walk down by the docks of the bay. After a really nice walk, I got some dim sum and coffee for breakfast, it was amazing.

I had enough time to practice,post some pics on FB and put up some blog posts. After that we went to do a workshop at Sabah Institute of Art. The students were awesome and we had so much playing together and taking pics after the workshop.

When we were finished we were presented a certificate of appreciation by the Dean.

After some more photos and autographs, we broke into smaller groups and answered some specific questions about our instruments etc.

Brian and I went off in search of more dim sum after the workshop. Our hosts from Sparks and the Embassy treated us to a great lunch at one of their favorite spots.

We headed over to Sutera Harbor to do our sound check, press conference and interview.

After our press conference/ interview I took a walk around the grounds.

Johnny and Rodger talked about our set list and he made some suggestions about what he knew woul work with his audience at the Jazz Festival.

We finished up all the band interviews and were heading back to our hotel, when I saw the sun setting over the bay and had to jump out of the car to take some pics.

As the sun sets on our day, we wish you a beautiful start to your's. We are at the first night of the Jazz Festival now listening to all these wonderful artists. How blessed are we all to share in this moment, as it all unfolds around us, within us. What a wonderful world indeed:)