Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dead sea

Danny: Amman Jordan

I am writing this entry from the shore of the dead sea. We are swimming, I should say, floating in this salt laden lake, that was formed thousands of years ago. At the bottom, lies the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

This is also the lowest point on earth, it is 400 ft. below sea level. You can really feel the pressure drop when you drive down towards the lake.

The mountains you see on the other side are Israel. I am also looking across to the right at Jerico.

We just took some mud treatment from the lake bottom.

You really can't swim on your stomach and when you float on your back, your body pops out of the water.

When I went up the hill to shower the mud off my face ( I didn't do the full body), I met a Jordanian couple, Thomas, Elisha and their son David.
He is a drummer and Guitarist for a church praise band an we all spoke of the power of music and praise. They told me the story of Sodom and how the Dead Sea became salty from Lot's wife,'who turned into a pillar of salt. That site is to the left of the sea. Not far from here, we saw a sign for the road to the place where Jesus was
Baptized by his cousin John.

It is so beautiful here and you can just feel the history pouring out of the ancient rocks. Here is some salt crystals from the Sea and some assorted shots

When I see couples, families and children swimming and having so much fun, It reminds me of how much we are all the same. I feel so blessed to be here, meeting such wonderful, welcoming people. So blessed to be anywhere, writing to you:)

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