Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Danny: Fujairah, UAE

Today we drove through the desert (all of the UAE is a dessert) from Dubai to Fujairah, where we played two workshops at the Fujairah Men's College. They bussed in the women from the Fujairah Women's college for the first workshop. There is a strict segregation here between men and women at the schools. Tonight we are playing a concert at the women's college.

This student was playing Hotel California;)

The women were actually more engaging that the men, both groups were shy at first, but the women broke the ice sooner and were braver about asking questions.

College students are the same everywhere and here's another pic that illustrates my point;)

These guys were playing fuss ball and joking around in the student center. Look familiar? ;)

Here are some familiar everyday things we saw on campus, see if you can recognize the brands;)

After the two workshops, we had a wonderful lunch at the cafeteria and made so many new friends.

We got back to our wonderful hotel on the Persian Gulf, which is called, the Arabian Gulf by people over here.

Isn't this Bazzar;) I bought some beautiful gifts here at the hotel.

We had about an hour off and after I had a nice round of Gulf;) we headed off to do an interview with two bright and charming media students from the Women's college.
The school just built a radio studio with support from the US consulate.

These students did such a great job with the interview! We had a great time and all agreed that we are all bound together as humans. Building bridges based on what we all have in common is a good practice and that music is a great way to unite people.
We reminded each other how how lucky we are to be doing what we love, how blessed to travel here and meet such wonderful people and live in such a wonderful world.
Thankful for this moment, right now with you :)

We then did a sound check and got ready for the concert here are some pics from this evening;

After the concert we were given some awards by the college and it's students. We were also given an award from his Highness

What a wonderful world indeed:)

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