Thursday, October 6, 2011

The island of Bahrain

Danny; Bahrain

We landed in Bahrain the night before last, the excitement of our Jordan trip, still fresh in out minds. We were met by a liaison from the Bahrain Ministry of Culture, who got us through the modern airport and it's challenges with ease. We got our local sim cards for our US smartphones, got them working and did the customary happy dance;) The challenge of being out on the road so far way from our families and friends, is eased by our modern connectivity. I have felt much more connected to my life situation at home not only because we have smarter phones, better networks, but because our bandmate Joe Ravo is our technical advisor and guru. He has made it possible for us to write blogs and upload photos in real time from our phones.

The hotel is five star and we have incredible views and local restaurants near by where we are staying. I have met many locals that work and live on this beautiful island. Many are from the Philippines, Central Asia and India. Everyone is so helpful and sweet. The Middle East in general is a very spiritual place and I sense that in every encounter I have here.
I've met many people who want to visit America and enjoy talking about how they came to be here in Bahrain. A Nepalese restauranteur told me that Bahrain is such a wonderful, safe and beautiful place to live. I saw a beautiful art gallery/cafe and the owner showed me the exhibit of four wonderful artists. I sensed his pride of the local culture and art scene. He said he'd play our CD in the space during the day.


Flower Power

Nearby Mosque

Thai Heaven

Anchors Away

Today our Embassy liaison Shana, took us to the Fort Museum that we will be playing at tomorrow evening.
The museum sits on the Gulf, adjacent to the ancient fort site. Archeologists are still restoring and working on the project and are sometimes housed there during their visit.

Museum and site of outdoor concert

View of fort from museum

Everyone seems to "dig" the site;)

We were invited to do an interview with two journalists from the Bahrain Ministry of Culture. Coffee, tea and JRB. We all laughed and had fin together, telling stories about the band and our music.

We spoke about how breaking the fourth wall between the stage and the audience. How the show is honest, interactive and a two way street, very much like social networks, our blog, life.
We all agreed that it's all about the moment, laughing and having a good time with music. That there are more similarities and things in common with us all and that music bridges all language and cultural barriers.

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