Friday, October 14, 2011

The Night Before Last

Danny; Alexandria, Egypt

Last night we played for an amazing crowd of Egyptians! It was at this old theater that is now a cultural center.

The place had the best vibe and we
had so much fun on stage. It really was one of the most exiting experiences we've had. At one point during an early rock and roll number, everything seemed black and white on stage, it seemed like we went back in time. The old theatre, the audience and the music sent everyone to a place of oneness, a single awareness, joy.

Johnny told the audience that we were honored and blessed to have come to play for the people of Egypt, of Alexandria. There is a special spirit in this city and in the hearts of it's people.

Students from the American center that is sponsored by the US Embassy and Consulate in Alexandria, did a documentary if our whole day. We told them that we came with open hearts and minds and we were changed forever by their country and their positive energy. We said our goodbyes and promised we would comeback someday.

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