Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A small vision of Giza.

Joe - Egypt
The pyramid of Giza is on the far left. There are two cars on the road in the foreground.

A little closer. Giza on the left.

Much closer. A view of Giza with people climbing up one side.

Same view a little closer.

Even closer....

Notice the size of the blocks. On the average they are half the height of a human being. I know everyone has a theory as to how these pyramids were built but after seeing them, I'm not sure any of the theories are right. No, aliens didn't build the pyramids. People did. We build pretty amazing things right now. Why would we have needed aliens in the past?

What did these people believe in order to do this? Certainly it takes a unified vision and a lot of people to build something on this scale. But, these people must have believed in something very strongly in order to carry out such a grandiose vision.

I looked at the blocks very closely. Every single one is different. Every block is a different size and shape. They all approximate rectangular solids but there's a wide variance in the approximation. Somehow they got all of these different sizes and shapes to work together to create this massive testament to civilization. I wonder how much of what they believed in order to carry out this vision is true.

 I've used the words "we" and "they" a lot. And I think to myself...  we are they.

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