Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Our next stop after Hong Kong is Kota Kinabalu Malaysia and it's about a three hour flight from Hong Kong
While chilling out during the wee hours in the HK airport and waiting for the shops to open, we took the time to go over our new arrangement of Unchain My Heart and found a small crowd gathering around us, taking pictures etc.

More and more people started to enter the terminal as things started to come to life. Amid the hustle and bustle we started to smell something that we had been waiting for and found that universal symbol of happiness or at least one of the things that makes the Band very happy;)

The airport is surrounded by some beautiful mountains and like all majestic places, magical stories and legends abound. There are legends of dragons that cast magic spells to subdue the people of the mountains, but one man unaffected by the spell subdued the dragon and a blood rain fell from the sky.

There are so many diverse people, foods and cultures here on our flight. We were joking about the time in Singapore when we tried Durian fruit, it smelled like a NYC garbage truck in August, but it tasted like sweet onion and pineapple. I wasn't surprised to find another interesting fruit on my plate during on our flight today.

It's called dragon fruit of course. I think I see a theme emerging today;)

Well after two flights and 22 hours of travel we have just landed in Malaysia
The whole gang was here to meet us!

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