Friday, June 28, 2013

White Knights

Danny; Moscow, 6/27/13 Evening:
After our rehearsal my percussion student and friend from Mannes College the New School for Music, met us at our hotel and drove us into the center of Moscow. Andrey gave us a tour of some great and famous cultural locations.

This is Moscow Conservatory that produced some of the greatest composers and musicians in the world. Tchaikovsky is immortalized in this statue outside the school.

Andrey has been studying percussion here as well as attending Mannes. He is going to San Francisco conservatory this Fall.

We ran into a trio of his conservatory friends playing some great folk tunes outside a cafe on the promenade near the Bolshoi Theater.

Bolshoi means big in Russian and that's an understatement for the size of the famous theater that is the home to probably the finest ballet company in the world, the Bolshoi Ballet. This whole area has so many theaters and cultural institutions that are legends here and internationally. In my first blog I this trip I mentioned that one I the reasons the US sent out Dizzy's 18 piece band on the first Jazz Cultural Diplomacy tour was because we could not compete with classical groups like the Bolshoi.

Some skaters showing off their skills outside the theater.

A fluid shot of Cotton Eye Joe Ravo.
the whole area reminds me of Lincoln Center an the Fountain except on a much grander scale.

The "small theater" next to the Bolshoi.

The fountain an one of the great Moscow hotels in the background.

One of the smaller theaters that housed the Russian Orchestra Festival this year.

Andrey and my fellow comrades headed of the see Red Square and the Kremlin.

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