Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Midnight Train to Moscow

Maybe not midnight, but we left our hotel in Yaraslovl at 5 AM. The schedule has been late nights and early pickups since we arrived. Since the traffic in Moscow is worse than I've ever seen anywhere, including LA, we had an hr or so to get ready to leave for our MSO concert. We were driving to an area outside the city proper for our dress and concert at a Czars Palace.
It was really a beautiful place that rivals the palace at Versailles.

The grounds were so big that I didn't have time to walk to the main structures. It was such a beautiful summer day and a perfect spot for an outdoor concert. We played on a stage that was in the courtyard of the country home on the estate.

I was sitting in the midst of the cello section and was surrounded by the lush sound of the orchestra. The principal cellist was so close he could bow my ride cymbal and he did during reh for fun. He told me, I was a very sensitive drummer and he hasn't enjoyed listening and watching a group play this much since Dave Brubeck's Quartet came to play with the symphony. Quite a compliment from such an established musician.
Dave Brubeck was one of the original
Jazz Ambassadors and his music really made an impact around the world, especially in Russia.
After I was done blushing, we spoke about how great it is to collaborate with musicians from around the world and of different genres. All the MSO players were wonderful and we hope to collaborate again soon

It was wonderful to have all the sound reinforcement at the dress rehearsal. I finally got a chance to hear all the orchestra arrangements with more clarity. It was so moving for me to play with this great group in this setting. I felt very emotional during our break as I walked around the grounds of the estate.
The orchestra took the stage and played two opening pieces to the delight of the crowd. The Katchatorian
was my favorite and I was able to sit out in front of the house to listen before I had to get to my place. The conductor really knew how to get the orchestra to play the different genres and swing with the band. I was in heaven and am looking forward to working more with them in the future.
By the end of the concert when we were doing some of the more uptempo pieces, the audience was dancing in the aisles and singing along with us. It was a very joyful occasion for everyone.

After the concert we spent a lot of time taking pictures and signing CD's for the audience. The presenters had prepared an al fresco reception for us behind the summer residence where we got to spend more time with the orchestra and guests.

These are a few more images from the estate that day;

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